Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode Four - Tooled Up

*The short and long of it
*Creepy gut string magic
*Everyone using each other
*Our heroes find love
*A forcibly hushed-up theory
*Reminiscences of the future
*A girl on fire
*The futility of futility
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  1. Great job guys. I apologize if this comment comes through twice. I have a very hard time hearing the gentleman who isn't from Liverpool (I can't remember your names from the first episode). I think I catch maybe half of what is said.

    Otherwise, keep it up. I love the commentary and the different perspectives! It's also great to be able to live in the Malazan world for a little while even while I drive. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much!. Non-Liverpool guy would be me - Yonatan. I have, in fact, bought an actual microphone so the next episode should hopefully feature me in a clearer capacity! (The Liverpool guy's name is Adam.)

      Again, thanks so much for the kind words.