Sunday, May 17, 2015

Episode Two - Stabro in the Back

Download here

Episode 2 of Malazan FM Podcast, featuring:

*Assassin Robin Hood
*A still-arrogant noble
*Wit and wisdom in a dark fantasy world
*Game of Thrones on a cosmic scale
*Erikson's hidden advice to the reader
*Ganoes: a relatively successful Erikson character
*Meet a guy, then meet his poetry
*Fun and laughter at death's gate
*Way too many pop culture references

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Episode One - Always an Even Trade

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is! The very first episode of Malazan FM Podcast, entitled "Always an Even Trade", covering the Prologue and first two chapters of Gardens of the Moon, and featuring:
  • brief bios of your hosts
  • arrogant little noble kids
  • an all-too-prophetic wax witch
  • comparing the first chapter of Malazan to that of other fantasy series
  • sneaky Claws
  • What's the point of being a noble?
  • the otherworldly atmosphere of Malazan
  • Unexplained back and forth flashbacks
  • Creepy puppets
  • Crossbows are cheating
  • Listener Names!
You can download it here.
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