Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Episode Six: Breaking Bonds

Download here:


*The pre-climax climax

*Inquisitive Tool

*Alchemy shmalchemy

*Kruppe obfuscates with poetry

*Lorn's arc climaxes with a revelation on the nature of the Tyrant

*You can't be in every loop

*A puppet gives a stirring last performance

*Paran's VIP ticket to hell

*Themes of binding and liberation

*A vintage joke closes the reading

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Episode Five: Life, Shurls, and Everything

Hey everyone, it's Malazan FM Episode 5: Life, Shurls, and Everything, featuring:

*The lighter side of 300,000 years
*Whiskeyjack's angst
*Quick Ben sells out
*Shurls and Krussails and Jhags, oh my!
*Crippy crops up

Download here: